The modern road infrastructure uses complex control and communication technology to ensure traffic flow and safety of passengers, both under normal conditions and in accident situations.

promet02Critical components of road infrastructure are road tunnels, which are usually equipped with the following systems:

  • Electric power supply and distribution including back-up power systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems
  • CCTV with automatic incident detection systems
  • Traffic control including variable signalization and traffic detection/counting
  • Emergency telephone system
  • Rebroadcasting systems for radio and cellular services
  • Water supply systems

Distributed PLC based remote stations located in tunnel are used for data acquisition and local control tasks. Communication network links PLCs and other equipment in tunnels with the SCADA computer systems in control centers, which enables real time processing of large amounts of information. Software solutions provide a comprehensive set of tools for managing all the systems in tunnels, while an intuitive graphical user interface provides continuous insight into the current process and enables fast and precise intervention of operators from the control rooms.