TEB Automatika is specialized in process management, building automation, electrical power quality and consumption management.

We offer equipment and solutions for:

  • process control and monitoring (process instrumentation, low voltage distribution
    and motor control centers, PLC and HMI)
  • communication networks,
  • SCADA systems.

Using PLC's processing power and communication capabilities we have designed and implemented many automation solutions; from telemetry systems to distributed control systems designed for technologically demanding processes and installations.
TEB Automatika delivers equipment and design solutions for industrial communication networks tailored to meet specific customer needs. Whether it is a local area network (LAN) or a communication infrastructure that connects geographically dislocated sites (WAN), our equipment and design can fulfill the most demanding requirements and provide users with a quick and reliable access to information across the company.

rjesenja01SCADA applications are developed for various industries with solutions based on MS Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems. With regard to system architecture, size and reliability each application is tailored to meet client's technological and business requirements. We have delivered complex applications with multiple redundant server and client configuration interconnected with user's IT system.